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          Yangtze-to-Pearl navigation channels to be built

          2016/5/22      view:
          Today, the province has total of 3,563 kilometres of navigational channels with 438 port terminal berths, of which 45 berths have a 300-tonne capacity. 

          According to the Guizhou waterway development plan, by 2020, it aims to build the Wujiang waterway route linking the Yangtze to the Pearl at Panjiang and to the Red River, the Qingshui River and the Duliu River route in the south. It also plans to increase the capacity of Chishui River, a tributary of the upper reaches of the Yangtze, and is the only river in the province that can provide navigation to the Yangtze directly. Other channels are out of service because of backward facilities. 

          The inter-provincial waterway routes will play an important role for the region's economic and social development.